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Why circus?

Circus as an activity is incredibly rewarding. As an art form, it allows you to create and express yourself in unique ways, and within the circus community, circus accepts everyone, from all skill levels, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.

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Children & Young People

Circus activity provides children and young people with positive life experiences and supports their spiritual wellbeing.

Circus supports the ability of children and young people to work in groups and to build a sense of community.

Children also build courage from their experiences in performing.

Circus enables children & young people to...

  • Fight social exclusion

  • Develop social, physical, creative & and discipline skills

  • Improve mood and concentration

  • Improve self-esteem, interpersonal skills & confidence

  • Develop leadership skills & teamwork

  • Gain physical agency & reward through exercise

  • Develop inclusivity skills and sense of community belonging

  • Build a creative practice for healthy self-expression and coping mechanisms

  • Build self awareness & reliance

For more information on the impact of circus in young people please click here.


Circus has incredible benefits for adults from all walks of life.

Unlike other sports or physical institutions, circus is non-competitive and body-positive. This means that anyone can take part in circus.

Taking part in circus activity can change your life dramatically. This is due to its incredible power of community, inclusion, and fitness benefits as well as cognitive and behavioral benefits.

Circus enables adults to...

  • Fight anxiety and depression by increasing endorphins

  • Strengthen muscles and creates greater flexibility

  • Build a sense of community with inclusivity and support which allows for safe risk-taking

  • Build self-esteem in a non-competitive and body-positive way

  • Create new friendships and relationships

  • Build confidence through teamwork and goal-achieving

  • Fight signs of aging through regular exercise

  • Enhance thinking, learning, and performance

  • Aid in weight management

  • Improve memory and brain function

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Develop career opportunities within the performance art sector

For more information about the impact of circus and exercise please click here.

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Participants with intellectual & developmental disabilites

Circus offers variation and revitalization by encouraging opportunities to try new things and learn new skills.

Circus increases the sense of togetherness and supports activity alone and in a group.

The effects of circus skills are known to improve sleep and aid cognitive function, physical awareness and alertness.

The creative benefits of circus are great, enabling participants to create routines with their new skills, build confidence, and express emotions.

Circus enables participants with intellectual & and developmental disabilities to...

  • Learn new physical and creative skills

  • Aid in behavioral techniques and methods

  • Improve mood and concentration

  • Improve self-esteem, interpersonal skills & confidence

  • Work together as a creative team or also as a solo artist

  • Learn new techniques in learning, taking part, and sharing skills

  • Build a community of creatives

For more information on the impact of social circus please click here.

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"Circus is an amazing tool that keeps on giving. It gaves me my body back after a bad accident! I'm more fit now than ever before!"

- Adult circus participant 2023

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