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join the circus!

Join a community of supportive peers, skilled professionals, and creative experts.

Exercise classes for all abilities.

Youth and adult programs.

Inclusive training methods.

Supportive peers and professionals.

Circus is an incredible tool for fitness, creativity, confidence, community and culture.

Adult Classes

Circus made me the strongest I've ever been even after a major surgery! I'm strong, fit and flexible. The best part is, you don't know your exercising because of how fun it is!

CIRKO Norda 

(Youth Circus)

The NCA coaches are MAGIC.

Our child hated PE with intensity and could not get motivated to exercise until we found NCA. No special need or difficulty faces them, and they bring out the best in kids. Our very shy bairn is now performing!

After school Club

This club is so supportive of my young person!

So much for them to do!

Loads of new skills and new friends!

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