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Cirko Norda
Youth Circus

A youth circus programme based in Newcastle Upon Tyne for 7 - 17 year olds.

The programme


In a nutshell

Cirko Norda Youth Circus, meaning "circus of the North" is a non-competitive ensemble youth circus program for individuals aged 7 -17. 

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cirko Norda is the only youth circus of its kind! 

The programme is a multi disciplinary circus arts programme inspired from both the social circus sector movement and the innovative practices of the European Circus School Network.

Programme Elements


Key Info!

Here are some questions that you may have, if you have other questions that aren't available here please ask us at

1. Who is Cirko Norda for?

Cirko Norda provides a creative platform for individuals aged 7 to 17, offering opportunities to cultivate artistic expression, develop performance expertise, enhance physical skills, and foster self-assurance. Participants engage in a supportive and inclusive environment, interacting with a diverse group of peers. While a background in sports, dance, gymnastics, music, art, or theater is beneficial, it is not a prerequisite for involvement in our program.

3. What happens in a Norda session?

  • Circle space : emotional check ins, updates on projects, introduce the term plans

  • Game space : we play inclusive physical, theatre and creative games that build trust, warm our bodies with play and movement, build teamwork, learn boundaries, have fun and encourage playful silliness!

  • Skill Space : A teacher/artist led workshop for the young people to learn a new skill, performance technique, or creative style Examples of this include….

  • Creation space : the young people are led with a creative task using theatre, and performance arts techniques to learn to create quickly, trust their ideas and to evaluate our work objectively. We use these skills to build performances as a whole ensemble plus smaller groups acts, duos and solo work.

  • Feedback space:  We teach the young people to give & receive feedback and constructive criticism on their work in a non judgemental way. We build their confidence in accepting this feedback to best prepare them for the sector and wider world. We always try to encourage each other and use our individual skills and vision to enhance each others practices. 

2. What will I learn at Cirko Norda?

Our program covers a wide range of circus skills, including unicycle, juggling, acrobatics, hand balance, aerial skills, and equilibristics.

Participants will also learn how to create, devise and perform their own shows alongside exploring other elements of show business like front of house, hosting and technical skills.

Our teaching methods stem from the social circus movement, promoting community skills, cohesion, and exposure to diverse role models.

Playing a role in a community creates a commitment to the broader circus community & arts sector.

Participants support each other through peer-led activities, learning from failure to success. The program also helps in building confidence in public speaking and social situations. Circus is for everyone.

4. Who teaches Cirko Norda?

  • Professional circus performers : Artists who have worked within the sector for years spanning street theatre, traditional circus, contemporary circus, dance, theatre, fitness, urban sports. 

  • Visiting artists (national & international) : visiting artists that do not reside int he NE, offer industry excellence, international or masters of their skill

  • Theatre professionals : Theatre specific artists and practitioners who deliver thetare based training methods, traditional, contemporary, street, comedy (continue)

  • Movement artists: dancers, creative movement specialists who have dance or movement as their primary practice

  • Comedy artists : clowns, mimes, physical comedy artists, spoken comedy artists 

  • Creative directors & producers : visiting creative directors and circus theatre directors who deliver focussed sessions on creating and devising.

  • External performance art specialists : lighting designers, costumers, musicians, stage/set designers, producers, managers, agents.

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