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Our Home Education Programmes

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About the programme

In our home education programs, we integrate social circus as a dynamic and enriching platform for learning, emphasising its nurturing, inclusive, and supportive environment.

Through circus arts, we facilitate the development of essential life skills such as physical awareness, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and skill focus.

Participants engage in a multidimensional learning experience that extends beyond traditional academic boundaries. Social circus becomes an invaluable tool in breaking down social barriers, offering a unique space for individuals, including those who may be non-verbal or communicate through physical means, to express themselves and find their place within a supportive community.

This approach fosters a sense of belonging and encourages personal growth, creating a holistic learning setting where the circus arts serve as a conduit for both skill-building and social integration.

Meet the Team

Below are the main facilitators of the home ed programme but we also have a wide rosta of amazing circus and creative freelancers who run the sessions.

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"There's nothing else around that provides classes for us like this! It's perfect, active and hands on!"


Book Your Spot

  • A circus session for home ed kids aged 8 - 16 yr

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    1 hr 30 min

    From 6 British pounds
  • A quieter session of "Circus Otherwise". In this class we use circus t...

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    1 hr

    12 British pounds

Check List for class


Complete PAR Q before the class.

You only need to do this once a year!


Bring water & dress in clothes you can move in!


Show up 10/5 mins early to get settled before we start!


Email us with any personal access needs or requirements!


Have Fun!

Please note that guardians with young people with very specific and complex emotional, educational or behavioural needs need to be present at all times and must assist with the circus mentors during session. Our main role is to provide young people with the incredible transformative tool of circus and we are not specifically a SEND educational provider.
Providing us with as much info as possible before session will enable us to make sure we provide the correct service for you.

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